Professor Lars Berglund is the 2023 Anselme Payen Award winner

The 2023 Anselme Payen Award winner is Dr Lars Berglund, Professor in Wood and Wood Composites at KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden, who was also the founding Director of the Wallenberg Wood Science Center. Lars is a very creative scientist who is known to push the boundary of cellulose materials research. He is the author of more than 340 peer-reviewed scientific publications and >30,000 citations. These citation metrics reflect the contribution of Lars to the field of nanocellulose science and technology, in particular, nanocomposites. 

Over the years, he has made significantly contributions in the area of hybrid 2D materials, conductive composite materials, materials for energy storage, porous materials, such as aerogels, xerogels and foams, thermal insulation, optical properties, such as transparency and liquid crystallinity, stimulus responsivity, coatings, barrier and magnetic properties, and biomimetics, such as nacre mimetics and polymer nanocomposites. His broad curiosity manifests also to contribute to unforeseen fields, such as archaeological preservation, dealing with the renaissance period Wasa ship restoration.

He will be presented with the award at the ACS Cellulose and Renewable Materials Division Awards Banquet following a symposium in his honour during the 2023 ACS Spring National Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

Congratulations to Lars!

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