PhD studentship available at University of Bristol

University of Bristol and Imperial College London have been jointly awarded a major programme grant (£6m), by EPSRC, to fundamentally redesign high performance composite materials.

This “NextCOMP” programme focusses on the challenge of improving the absolute performance of composites in compression, both to address practical limitations of current materials, and as a demonstration of the value of quantitative hierarchical materials design. Tools and materials developed during this programme will be useful in a range of other contexts. The work will develop and embed structure at every lengthscale from the molecules of the matrix, to the lay-up of final components, using new constituents and new architectures, designed within a new analytical framework.

This position will be based at the Bristol Composites Institute, under the lead supervision of Prof Steve Eichhorn (at University of Bristol), and will be co-supervised by Prof Milo Shaffer, at Imperial College London.

More information can be found here.

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