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ACS CELL Division is looking for your feedback

The Cellulose and Renewable Materials (CELL) Division is looking for your feedback on the benefits we offer to you as a member of this division. As a Division, we want to highlight benefits and build a stronger network of engaged members, so we can have an even greater impact through …

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2022 ACS CELL Division Graduate Student Award

We have an amazing pool of candidates for the 2022 CELL Division Graduate Student Award this year and the selection was tough. Our panel of ...
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ACS Revealed: Behind the scenes of CELL and ENVR Divisions

The CELL Division is pleased to announce a jointly funded IPG award with the ENVR Division. Led by CELL members (Lucian Lucia and Nathalie Lavoine) ...
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USACICS Fall 2020 announcement

As many of the CELL Division members know, the International Carbohydrate Symposium ICS 2020 has been canceled due to COVID-19, and it has been proposed ...
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Centennial Logo of the ACS CELL Division

The Centennial Logo Team are pleased to announce the winner of the recent competition for a new CELL logo to celebrate our 100th birthday.  The ...
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Benefits Of Membership​

  • Collaboration and Networking

  • ACS Sponsored Symposia

  • Travel and Poster Awards

  • Early Career Support

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Vision and Mission
Inspiring bio-based solutions for a sustainable future.
Leading and supporting innovation in cellulose & renewable materials by providing a forum
for our members to excel in the chemical sciences and technology.

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