Centennial Logo of the ACS CELL Division

The Centennial Logo Team are pleased to announce the winner of the recent competition for a new CELL logo to celebrate our 100th birthday.  The team had just under a dozen submissions and the judges had their work cut out to choose the most appropriate submission.  The winning submission was based on our guidelines that the logo should reflect CELL’s interests in cellulose and renewable materials, contain the acronym CELL, be playful, modern and inclusive while reflecting the divisions’ vision of inspiring bio-based solutions for a sustainable future.  This logo will replace our normal logo from now until the end of 2020, our birthday year.

First prize was awarded to Mr. Francesco D’Acierno, a graduate student at the University of British Columbia. Francesco will receive a certificate and check for $100.

Second place was awarded to Dr. Youssef Habibi, Lead R&T Associate at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology.

 Third place was awarded to Dr. Mehul Barde, Process Engineer, Intel Corporation.

The Spring edition of Fibril Angle will contain further details of these scientist/artists, their inspiration and their work.

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Vision and Mission
Inspiring bio-based solutions for a sustainable future.
Leading and supporting innovation in cellulose & renewable materials by providing a forum
for our members to excel in the chemical sciences and technology.

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