CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Gustavus John Esselen Award for Chemistry in the Public Interest

The Esselen Award for Chemistry in the public interest is a very prestigious honor provided by the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society. The award annually recognizes a chemist whose scientific and technical work has contributed to the public well-being, and has thereby communicated positive values of the chemical profession. The Awardee should be a living resident of the United States or Canada at the time of nomination, and the significance of this work should have become apparent within the five years preceding nomination.

The Esselen Award has no limitations with respect to the chemical field in which the nominees are active. It differs from many other awards in that it is for chemical activities whose importance to the public has been demonstrated. A list of the most recent awardees appears on the back of this notice; a complete list is available here.

Nominations are due on October 15, 2021.

More information about the application package can be found here.

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