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Awards and Fellowships

The ACS Cellulose and Renewable Materials (CELL) Division Fellow Award was established in 1983 to recognize the dedication, leadership, and enthusiastic service of Division members that has kept the CELL Division moving forward. The award is given annually and is sponsored by the Cellulose and Renewable Materials Division of the American Chemical Society.
The award consists of an individual plaque honoring the recipient’s contributions to the Division. 


Eligibility for this award is open to any current or past Cellulose and Renewable Materials Division Member who has made significant contributions to the activities of the Division. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • service as an officer in the Division
  • active participation in the development of program activities for the Division’s meetings

Selection Process

  1. In October, following the fall ACS meeting, the Awards Chair will solicit nominations for the Division Fellow Award(s) from current members of the Executive Committee and from any past officers.
  2. Completed nomination forms must be submitted to the Awards Chair by December 1.
  3. The Awards Chair selects 3 to 5 judges who make up the Division Fellow Award Committee.
  4. The judges rank the nominees.
  5. The judges will also indicate the number of awards that should be given with a maximum of three awards being possible in a single year.
  6. The Awards Chair announces the name(s) of Division Fellows at the Spring ACS meeting with the Award(s) to be given at the following Fall ACS meeting. 

Division Members Selected as Division Fellows

Year Awardee Institution
2022 Gordon Selling USDA, ARS, National Centre for Agricultural Utilisation Research
2022 World Nieh USDA, Forest Products and Wood Utilisation Research
2020 Noureddine Abidi Texas Tech University
2019 Patrick Navard Centre de Mise en Forme des Materiaux
2018 Maren Roman Virginia Tech
2017 Sheila Murphy Retired (Ashland)
2016 Lucian Lucia North Carolina State University
2016 Paul Gatenholm Chalmers University of Technology
2015 Stephen Eichhorn University of Exeter
2014 Alfred D. French USDA, ARS, Southern Regional Research Center
2013 J. Vincent Edwards USDA, ARS, Southern Regional Research Center
2012 Stephen S. Kelley North Carolina State University
2011 Charles Buchanan Eastman Chemical Company
2010 Jan Cardamone USDA, ARS, Eastern Regional Research Center
2010 Kevin Edgar Virginia Tech
2009 Orlando Rojas North Carolina State University
2007 Tor P. Schultz Mississippi State University
2007 William N. Marmer USDA, ARS, Eastern Regional Research Center
2002 Wolfgang Glasser Virginia Tech
2002 Helena L. Chum National Renewable Energy Laboratory
1998 Tyrone L. Vigo USDA, ARS, Southern Regional Research Center
1996 Noelie R. Bertoniere USDA, ARS, Southern Regional Research Center
1996 R. St. John Manley McGill University
1994 Howard L. Needles University of California, Davis
1993 S. Haig Zeronian University of California, Davis
1992 Jett C. Arthur, Jr. USDA, ARS, Southern Regional Research Center
1991 Ed J. Soltes Texas A&M University
1991 Roger M. Rowell USDA Forest Products Laboratory
1990 Robert. E. Read The Dupont Company
1990 Stanley P. Rowland USDA, ARS, Southern Regional Research Center
1989 W. Kyle Ward, Jr. The Institute of Paper Chemistry
1989 Mary E. Carter USDA, Agricultural Research Service
1984 Donald F. Durso Johnson and Johnson Company
1983 Roy L. Whistler Purdue University

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