ACS Revealed: Behind the scenes of CELL and ENVR Divisions

The CELL Division is pleased to announce a jointly funded IPG award with the ENVR Division. Led by CELL members (Lucian Lucia and Nathalie Lavoine) and ENVR members (Sherine Obare and Christie Sayes), the team will collaborate to establish interdisciplinary leadership training, seminars, and workshop to increase memberships and networking opportunities in both divisions.

This project will establish a Fellowship Program that provides practical leadership training for the next generation of emerging leaders to serve the divisions. The leadership training will help with succession planning. The overarching goal is to ensure the long-term health of the Society and its membership by helping trainees and new professionals acquire necessary skills to practice leadership in the Society and beyond. We also aim to increase the diversity of our membership and our leadership positions.

The IPG will run from September 2021 through August 2022 and will include a series of workshops on leadership, networking and mentoring opportunities for participants, and exposure to various leadership styles and sensitivity awareness across diverse backgrounds. The IPG will conclude with a report inclusive of step-by-step activities in the organization and execution of the leadership training program for all of ACS to review.

Follow this link here to enrol in the ACS Revealed programme!

On behalf of the jointly funded IPG award team, thank you for your support!

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