US Advisory Committee for International Carbohydrate Symposia

*The intent of this summary is not to replicate the bylaws but to provide a brief summary of key points.
Readers are advised refer to the current bylaws for full details of the USACICS organization.

CELL representatives join an equal number of CARB representatives to form the US Advisory Committee for International Carbohydrate Symposia (USACICS). The USACICS was originally incorporated in the State of Illinois on October 4, 1982 and the original bylaws remain mostly unchanged. The USACICS is currently incorporated in the State of Michigan (as a general not-for-profit incorporation). 

The purpose of the corporation is to ensure the interests of the carbohydrate chemists and biochemists of the US are represented to the International Carbohydrate Organization (ICO),to plan International Carbohydrate Symposia (ICS) in the US and manage the funds and financing for the US meeting.

The USACICS holds the funds that result from any surpluses from ICS in the US, and promotes carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry, for example, with sponsorships for graduate and post-doctoral students. It also sponsors the R. L Whistler Award in Carbohydrate Chemistry that is presented at ICS events every two years in one of the countries that is a member of the ICO. Because there are currently 33 member countries, there are fairly long periods between ICS in the US. Previous meetings have been in 1972 (Madison, Wisconsin); 1986 (Ithaca, New York); 1998 (San Diego, California) and 2016 (New Orleans).

ICS events are under the aegis of the ICO, an Associated Organization of IUPAC and an Interest Group of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, see figure above. The USACICS represents the ACS and US to the ICO.

Committee Members for USACICS

Gordon Selling

United States Department of Agriculture & National Centre for Agricultural Utilization Research

Term of Office:  Office of Division Chair

CELL Representative 1
Alfred D. French

Southern Region Research Center

Term:  Sept. 1, 1980 to Oct 2021

CELL Representative 2
Nicole R. Brown

Dept of Agricultural and Biological Engineering  
Penn State

Term: Sept. 1, 2014 for up to 7 years (Aug. 31, 2021)

CELL Representative 3
Nicole Labbe

Center for Renewable Carbon
The University of Tennessee 

Term Sept. 1, 2014 for up to 7 years (Aug. 31, 2021)

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Vision and Mission
Inspiring bio-based solutions for a sustainable future.
Leading and supporting innovation in cellulose & renewable materials by providing a forum
for our members to excel in the chemical sciences and technology.

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