2019 KINGFA Young Investigator Award

Dr Johan Foster, the 2019 KINGFA Young Investigator Award winner.

The 2019 KINGFA Young Investigator Award winner is Dr Johan Foster, Associate Professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Virginia Tech. Johan’s work has encompassed a number of fundamental contributions to the field of fibers and cellulose nanomaterials, including chemical modification, surface chemistry, and fundamental interactions.

Specific examples that have had a large impact on application development include:
(i) phosphorylation for increased thermal resistance of cellulose nanomaterials in elevated temperature processing or applications;
(ii) developing supramolecular chemistries that leverage surface hydrogen bonding for self-healing and reinforcement (of non-supramolecular polymers);
(iii) understanding of nanofillers into polymers, and the rheology, orientation and reinforcement mechanisms;
(iv) use of structured materials for implants in the body, often utilizing cellulose as a scaffold;
(v) using cellulose nanocrystals as a catalyst for polymerization of polyethylene.

Congratulations to Johan!

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