2 positions available (1 PhD student + 1 postdoc) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The laboratory of Associate Professor Francisco Vilaplana is currently seeking a postdoctoral research associate and a PhD student.

Our current climate emergency demands the transition to a biobased and circular economy, where multiple end products can be derived from renewable biomass resources. The postdoctoral researcher will be involved in the BioUPGRADE project “Biocatalytic upgrading of natural biopolymers for reassembly as multipurpose materials” under the program Future Emerging Technologies (FET Open) funded by the European Commission. The radical vision of BioUPGRADE is to integrate functional genomics and material science advances, to transform nature’s major structural polymers into a cascade of high volume and specialized bioproducts. The successful candidate is expected to be an active part of the consortium participating in all activities programmed by the coordinators of the project including research, meetings, dissemination, organization, student guidance, amongst others.

Postdoctoral research associate in enzymatic upgrading of lignocellulose polymers

The postdoctoral researcher will participate in the surface functionalization of biofibres using biocatalytic tools towards applications in health and personal care. The candidate will investigate the effect of the biocatalytic modifications on the assembly and multiscale hierarchical organization of the lignocellulosic biofibres. The approach will include structural analysis of the functionalized biofibres using solid-state characterization techniques (e.g. microscopy, scattering and spectroscopy), together with characterization of the macroscopic properties (e.g. mechanical and rheological) of the derived materials.

More information on eligibility and how to apply can be found here.

PhD in Enzymatic functionalization of lignocellulosic for soft materials

The PhD student will apply enzymes for the modification of natural polymers, with a focus on hemicelluloses, towards applications in hydrogels for health and personal care. The PhD student will develop the biocatalytic modification routes, and will perform morphological and functional characterization of the derived material.

More information on eligibility and how to apply can be found here.

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