100th Birthday Celebration of CELL Division

To all our talented and artistic CELL members we are running a centennial logo competition with a $100 prize to the winning logo and recognition of the top three logos on our website and in our Newsletter, Fibril Angle.

We ask that the logo reflects our members, vision and future.  Specifically, the logo should be playful, modern and inclusive while reflecting the division’s vision of inspiring bio-based solutions for a sustainable future.  Full details can be found in the CELL Centennial Logo Competition guide. Logos should be submitted to murphysheilam@gmail.com by midnight EDT, June 30, 2019.

CELL Centennial Logo Competition

In 2020 the Cellulose and Renewable Materials (CELL) Division will celebrate its 100th birthday.  To commemorate this event the Division is seeking a celebratory logo that reflects our members values and their vision for the future of the Division.  The Centennial Logo Committee invites everyone with a creative mind to enter a logo design competition. 

The top 3 submissions will be recognized on the CELL website and in the CELL Newsletter, Fibril Angle.  The winner will receive $100 and a certificate containing the winning logo, and the logo will be used throughout 2020 on CELL business


Any CELL Division member shall be eligible to submit.

Guidelines for logo

  • The logo should reflect CELL’s interests in cellulose and renewable materials;
  • The acronym CELL should appear in the logo;
  • The acronym ACS or the ACS logo should NOT appear in the logo;
  • The logo should be playful, modern and inclusive while reflecting the division’s vision of inspiring bio-based solutions for a sustainable future;
  • High resolution graphics are preferred;
  • The Centennial Logo Committee reserves the rights to revise the 1st place entry logo design in order to fit different format;
  • Once submissions have been received by CELL, CELL will be deemed as to own and use the designlick to add text, images, and other content.

Solicitation for Logo Design

All logo design competition entries should be submitted by midnight EDT June 30, 2019.  Preferably, the entry should be submitted electronically either by email or via Dropbox.

Should your entry be too large for email, and Dropbox is not an available option for you, then submit your entry by post on a thumb-drive or disc with a postmark no later than June 30, 2019 and please advise Dr. Murphy by email (murphysheilam@gmail.com) that your entry will be delivered by post.

All entries must contain full contact information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • email address
  • Phone number
  • ACS membership number
  • Statement for use of logo by including following text with submission documentation: “I [name] understand and agree that upon submission of this logo the CELL Division is deemed to own and have use of this submission”
  • Sign the document confirming that CELL is the owner of the submitted logo

Submissions should be sent to: murphysheilam@gmail.com

Postal submissions should be sent to:

Sheila Murphy
1596 Lancaster Ter., Apt 11A
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Judging panel

The Division shall establish a Judging Panel to determine the winner of the Logo competition according to the procedures in Determination of a Winner. The Judging Panel shall consist of 3 appointed judges.  If one judge is unable to serve at any time, a new judge will be appointed.  Judges shall abide by the guidelines in the Conflicts of Interest and Ethical Standards section of this procedure.


Appointment of Judges20-May
Submission Deadline30-Jun
Submission of Logos to Judges15-Jul
Judges return first ballot to Centennial Logo Chair15-Aug
Send logos to judges for second balloting (if necessary)30-Aug
Judges return second ballot Centennial Logo Chair20-Sep
Centennial Logo Chair run additional judging meeting
(if necessary)
Centennial Logo Chair informs Awards and Division Chair
of the winner
Division Chair informs winner10-Nov
Announcement of Award winner15-Nov

Determination of a Winner

A Judging Panel made up of 3 CELL members, appointed by the Centennial Logo Committee, will rank the submissions in order of preference with the number one being the most preferred.  Numerical rankings for each submission shall be totaled and the submission with the lowest numerical score shall be the winner of the competition.  All judges are required to rank all submissions.  If two or more submissions are tied for the lowest numerical score, either a second round of voting of the lowest numerical score submissions or a web-meeting or conference call with judges regarding the lowest score submissions will be made to determine the winner of the competition. The Centennial Logo Chair and the judges in the Judging Panel shall abide by the Conflicts of Interest and Ethical Standards guidelines in this procedure, and their decision will be final.

Conflicts of Interest and Ethical Standards

Upon receiving the logo submission, judges shall inform the Centennial Logo Chair by email, of any conflicts of interest with any of the submission either apparent or real.  An apparent conflict of interest means that a judge’s participation in the panel would cause a reasonable person to question the judge’s impartiality.  A real conflict of interest means that the judge or the judge’s close relatives (spouse, parent, siblings, dependent child) has the following relationship with a nominee: dean, departmental chair or department head, supervisor, supervisee, laboratory director, a current business or financial relationship (business partner, employer, employee), research collaborator or co-author within the last three years, mentor-mentee relationship within the last five years, or any other relationships that could bias the judge’s evaluation of the nominee.  Judges with an apparent conflict of interest or a real conflict of interest shall recuse themselves from ranking all submissions.

The Division Chair shall designate a Special Administrator for the competition whenever there is an apparent or real conflict of interest between the Centennial Logo Chair and any of the candidates submitting logo designs.

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Vision and Mission
Inspiring bio-based solutions for a sustainable future.
Leading and supporting innovation in cellulose & renewable materials by providing a forum
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